Friday, May 11, 2012

Day Six: Ten days of Persian Influence


Someone who goes with half a loaf of bread
to a small place that fits like a nest around him
someone who wants no more,
who's not himself longed for by anyone else.
He is a letter to everyone.  You open it.
It says, "Live!"

This book came in the mail today and the above poem was written on the Dedication page. A little piece of synchronicity that I didnt want to let go unacknowledged.  Right now I live in a house with lots of space. One day I would like to live in a much smaller house.  I'm not sure how I would do this, as I hoard. Books and fabric mainly.  But the idea of living in a cottage, of taking up less space and having less things fits my ideal of living more simply.  I'm hoping this book will have lots of ideas that might help me, one day, accomplish this goal.  I guess I believe this Rumi poem.  If I had just read the poem without the context of a book about little houses, I would have thought it was perhaps about finding space away from the world to be quiet and alone to be renewed, inspired and invigorated.  To return to 'life' more alive.  It makes me think of going for a day's walk in bushland.  Linking the poem to everyday living, to living in a small place is more challenging. Especially the not being longed for.  But contentment in oneself as well as in those we live with is truly a wonderful companion.  What a lovely thought - to be truly content with what I have.  What a gift that would be!

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